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January 4, 2013
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Main Faces of Aparu Artworks by Aparu Main Faces of Aparu Artworks by Aparu
EDIT: Completely revised on 2-5-13. Tried to fix color, placement, and background issues. Thank you to those who critiqued! :D

EDIT2: Slightly tweaked a bit on 2-16-13. Fixed an issue with the lineart and slightly altered the colors. Also renamed due to this not being "technically" chibi.

Main female OCs in a cute anime style. I must say, I had a LOT of fun doing this. Trying to capture my character's personalities in a cute style and all. TWAS FUN!!! :dummy: However, even though I had fun, it took me a LONG time to do this since I'm not used to this style of art yet. ^^; I was originally planning on doing nine characters, but I decided to use the extra space for something more...creative. I do feel kinda bad for leaving Nilei out of the picture though. :saddummy: All in all, I like how this turned out, I may try my hand at this style more often. :)

Characters from left to right:

Bottom Row-
胡桃, りん (Kurumi, Rin)
Alina "Ina" Agnelli

Middle Row-
Gale Nasi
Aparu Logo
Maira "Mai" Vieites

Top Row-
月野 (Tsukino)
Itzuki Fe Deros
天使-森, ひより (Tenshi-Mori, Hiyori)

Please comment and please give credit when credit is due.

Characters/likeness (c) Aparu Artworks

Characters were drawn in Sai, the background was made in PS. Estimated time...about 20+ hours. :iconotlplz:

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i like the colors and the style they are drawn in i think its pretty damn cool.The green in the background looks great makes it stand out ! there is always space for improvment i think maybe for some of the pepole u could even make some part's of there hair shine !!!! but except form that i think its awosme i cant draw like that right now but hopefully one day i will .Whne i first saw it i ahd to look at it more than once to completely understand it but overall amazing peace of work lookin forword to see more.
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May I suggest colouring the lines, or making them thinner on the inside of the bold outline.
Also I think a more conscious decision in terms of the palette would unify the drawing a lot better.
The current palette makes the drawing look sort of flat, and each character looks as if they could be in their own piece.
The background in my opinion, would look better without the green since it distracts my eye a bit, and some shading and details would definitely do it some good.

I do however, like how clean your lines are, and your character designs are nice!
(I didn't know how to rate this, I hope you dont mind all 3s)
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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AnimeGirlMika Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
Some nice variation in all the character designs here, as well as in the expressions :nod:
Aparu Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for that, I do try to make them unique. :)
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Luna-Bell07 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Writer
The characters look like they'd be a lot of fun to know. The style and spirit behind this is engaging. While there is room for improvement, it does nothing to interfere with the magic of the experience you created.
Aparu Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this comment. Overall, I am kinda bummed about how this came out since I know it can be better, but then again I think the the feeling came across just fine. Thank you for your show of interest. And if there's anything you wish to know about the characters, just ask.:)
Luna-Bell07 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Writer
I'd definitely love to learn more about them. I'll look through your gallery, but can you tell me what inspired them?
Aparu Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well which one in particular? They all come from different inspiration sources. Most are all actually inspired by my own personality traits that I have went through over the years. Usually they are defined by their coupled traits to different extremes. Basically whatever I am feeling at the time of creation makes up the entire character's being.

Rin mainly represents loyalty and aloofness. (Scarred Brunette)
Ina represents kindness and order. (Blonde with Hair Tie)
Lailah represents disorder and eccentric-ism. (Purple Haired Girl)
Gale represents introversion and hidden talent. (Blonde with Red Eyes)
Mai represents cunning and naivete. (Girl with Hair Band)
Tsukino represents curiosity and deception. (Red Head with Purple Eyes)
Hiyori represents strength and confidence. (Girl with Ponytail)
Itzuki represents trauma and perseverance. (Girl with Magenta Hair)

Now as for ACTUAL character designs, they come from different backgrounds.

Rin hails from Japan and has Greek blood. Her design consists of usually an intricately designed mini-cheongsam (these are Chinese, she disowns her Japanese heritage) with tribal-designed pants. Her demeanor is usually rough and tumble with tiny hints at her feminine side. Such as a purple ribbon that she wears on her right bicep; this was a gift from Lailah. And several jewels that adorn her main outfit, given to her by Ina. She is physically inspired by woman of independence and the harsh reality that comes with the world.

Ina's design is very conservative, usually made up of an adorned sweater and knee length skirt with leggings or other cover up. She is of Italian and Romanian descent and this shows in her main design. Her main inspiration is that of an angel.

Lailah is a tricky case being that she always dyes her hair and wears contacts. Her ancestry IS of Spaniard and Arabic, but this does not really show in her designs. Most of which are made up of intricately designed tops with various outlandish accessories and torn pants (from constant wear and tear) with designer boots and usually a collar or something similar to top it off. She is also a fan of wavy things like capes, large scarfs, and big ribbons. Overall, her design is usually dark and chaotic. She is greatly inspired by nefarious imps.

Gale's design is somewhat average with a simple jacket with a tank top and a skirt or short cut pants with small boots. She does this so as to not draw attention to herself. However...her big red eyes usually keep that from happening. Although, since she hails from Spanish descent, her heritage sometimes shows is some way on her outfit. She is inspired by the victims of discrimination and individuality.

Mai is also a somewhat simple design with a usually tight fitting top with a simple design of sorts and jeans with ties at the ends; she wears sandals or similar footwear. She is a huge fan of fashion however and never passes up the opportunity to buy and dress in the newest fads and fashions. This sometimes leads to very humorous and outlandish outfit choices. Going along with her Native American heritage, she loves beads and fang ornaments and the such. She is inspired by European fashion models and Native Americans.

Tsukino's design is inspired by the Oni demons of feudal Japan. Her outfit is usually a standard kimono torn and tattered with several ribbons and her trademark tobacco pipe. She usually wears makeup and other accessories as well when she is bored. Her inspiration comes from sexism and motherly love.

Hiyori is inspired by the Samurai of feudal Japan. Her demeanor is that of a warrior and at the same time, an inexperienced child. She usually wears a simple kimono which is fashioned for combat along with sarashi and wraps over her left hand; the injury was caused by a training accident. Even though her outfit is VERY simple, her trademark is not her outfit, but her sword. This sword is always with her and is adorned with various jewels. Without her sword, she feels defenseless. She represents women's struggles in a male dominated world.

Itzuki is a unique case in which she is not an ethnicity of the real world and that her ENTIRE personality and design is based on trauma and getting over that trauma. She comes from tribal people known for their harsh traditions and savagery towards other kinds. During her childhood she was subjected to countless torture and ultimately sealed away for 500+ years. After being freed, she noticed that her body has aged. She used to look 14-15 or so and now she looks like a mature woman. Even though her body has aged, her mind did not. With her childlike view of the world, she cannot properly cope with reality and usually loses interest with almost anything in an instant. Then again, she GAINS interest at almost the same speed, so she is very unpredictable. Her physical design itself shows her tribal side and at the same time it displays her childlike tastes. With it being a tattered robe adorned with flowers and various accessories such and fangs and ribbons. Her inspiration could be that of an abused child with the appearance of an Amazon.

Just ask if you want to know more. :D
TurquoisePastel Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
this looks really awesome! the love the characters :love:
Aparu Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm glad that you do! :D Just ask if you want to know anything about them.
TurquoisePastel Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
you're welcome ^^ hmm..well i was you have a manga that inlcudes those ocs?
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